About American Metal & Rubber

Established in 1904

Philadelphia, PA

We are a solutions provider first and foremost.

We are a supplier to numerous industries across the area and around the country. Look to us as a source of a nearly unlimited range of plastic, rubber and metal hoses, tubes, connectors, gaskets, valves and more. In addition to a vast parts supply we also creatre custom assemblies for you. Select the hoses, connectors, caps and more as you wish and we can supply complete installable assemblies ready-to-work. Where we specialize is getting you the parts and assemblies you need, from all the industry grade manufacturers, when you need them and at the right price. The right tools for the right job for your industry or trade. Have a look here at the wide variety of businesses we serve.

Industries Served

American Metal & Rubber, Inc., established in 1904 (That’s 120 years!) is a leading provider of hose and camlock fittings in the USA. With over 100 year’s expertise, we provide you utmost service and the best solutions. All products to Military Specifications Hose & Hose Assemblies for Petroleum, Industrial & Mining, Fuel & Water Tank equipment, Fittings, Camlocks, Castings and Machining of High Grade Plate, Aluminum, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Pattern Designs, Valves, Gaskets, O-Rings, Belting, Tubing, Ducting, Sheet Rubber Sponge & Solid, Matting, Extrusions & Molded Products.

In addition, other product include T-bolt Clamps, push in Fittings, and camlock fittings in variety of material:stainless steel, polypropylene, brass and aluminum and export throughout the world. we are very proud of our premium quality and all camlock fittings are all made to standard Mil Specification A-A-59326 (MIL-C-27487). Working with a number of different industries such as, oil & gas, chemical, municipal, and agricultural our goal is to supply quality product, rapid delivery and to meet or exceed customer’s exception.

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2537 North Broad Street
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